The Doodle Monkey Facial Expressions

This illustration sheet is the exploration of The Doodle Monkey facial expressions and personality.


The Stolen Pigments

Using working practices developed during my studies, I am developing the characters for The Artistic ‘Space’ Mis-adventures of The Doodle Monkey and his BFF, Eric the Banana. Here…


The Doodle Monkey Adventures

For over 3 years I have been nurturing this idea of creating a space-travelling doodle monkey. So now the first two years of my course have finished, I…


Spellbound Chronicles – Tiblou is attacked by evil plants

One more illustration for the Spellbound chronicles trilogy. This is a scene where Tiblou, the young wizard from the future, gets attacked by the evil plants.

battle final5-small

Spellbound Chronicles – Drisco is ambushed by the Boggrets

This is another illustration from the Spellbound Chronicles books. The illustration depicts the point where Drisco is ambushed by the evil smelly Boggrets.

final-swoopers final4-small

Spellbound Chronicles – The Swoopers attack Aron

This is another illustration from the Spellbound Chronicles Books. The illustration depicts the the moment when the evil swoppers attack the heroes in their camp.


Spellbound Chronicles – Tiblou saves Aron

This illustration was created for the second of the “Spellbound Chronicles” books. This is where the young wizard, Tiblou, saves Aron as he falls from the bridge of…


The ridiculous misadventures of Galactic Gibbon

In the first year of my FDA in Illustration and concept art, we were given a brief to develop an original animation. I decided to create a character…


Assortment of additional mixed media art

Below is a gallery of work I have created over the past few years to support my studies and develop my style. I  have used ink, markers, coloured…


Verne Character Development #1

This sheet shows the development from rat studies to character choice.


Verne Character Development #2

Based on the earlier illustrations, I chose the middle-bottom character to develop.


Verne Character Development #3

This sheet shows Verne in a various poses and expressions based on my chosen character and his traits.


Verne Clothing Concept Sheet

Here are various versions of Verne in his full splendour.


Jules Character Sheet #2

Based on the previous concepts, I wanted to experiment with different body shapes and expressions.


Jules Character Development #3

I wasn’t happy with then shapes of the original concepts, so I decided to experiment a little. I chose the middle-bottom shape.


Jules Character Development #4

I wasn’t happy with the initial characters and how he would compliment with Verne, so I changed the whole design and made him rounder and friendlier.


Jules Character Development #5

Here is a sheet of Jules in action.


Jules and Verne Clothing Development #2

This sheet shows the reference and development of the clothing for my accidental heroes.


Jules and Verne Character Sheet

Here are Jules and Verne in the concept stage. The next stage was to dress them.


Jules Character Sheet #1

This sheet shows the initial reference and mouse studies for Jules. Verne’s best pal.


Jules Clothing Concept Sheet

Here are various versions of Jules in his full magnificence.