Hi, My name is Pete Jarvis.
I am The Creative Monkey.

I'm an illustrator, designer and web designer based in Doncaster, United Kingdom. I love the challenge of illustrating the world around me. I have a passion for hand drawn type.
If you would like us to work together, please get in touch.

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Recent Work

  • BeKuhlmann Facebook Header

    BeKuhlmann Facebook Header

    BeKulmann  are a chic furniture company based in Copenhagen. They wanted a facebook header to promote their business.

  • Daku Outdoors Design

    Daku Outdoors Design

    DAku Outdoors are an awesome, cool clothing line from the US. This design was to advertise their business.

  • Bathtime Genie Logo

    Bathtime Genie Logo

    This facebook header image was commissioned by a friend who was starting a bathtime toys business.

  • Primal Trigger

    Primal Trigger

    Primal Trigger are a website selling DJ, Sound and mixing equipment. They wanted a brand illustration style using dinosaurs.

  • The Pawsite Project

    The Pawsite Project

    This logo was created to support a charity raising money for a pets charity.

  • George Plays Ukulele Logo

    George Plays Ukulele Logo

    Created for a client in american. This logo had to depict Hawaii and George’s Ukulele

  • Sam the very sly snail

    Sam the very sly snail

    This piece was created for my end of year digital project. It is a book I am writing and illustrating.

  • The Monkey King

    The Monkey King

    This piece was created for my end-of-year-one mythical creature project.

  • It’s grim up north

    It’s grim up north

    Not really! But this illustration is quite grim. Who knows where the pen goes and what the mind finds.

  • Squids in

    Squids in

    We are all different. Just because we act, look and are perceived to be peculiar ………. probably means we are. But that’s a good thing, surely.

  • a day in the life

    a day in the life

    Daily life has so many dynamic and interesting elements and we take that all for granted. This family don’t.

  • Matter of taste

    Matter of taste

    The mind sees what the mind sees. I couldn’t show you the starting point and I couldn’t tell you why I stopped.

  • Words fail me

    Words fail me

    When you let your creative side meet your dark side interesting things happen. I have no idea where each element of this piece came from. It just happened. Scared?

  • See what you want to see

    See what you want to see

    I love creating pieces which take some time to interprete. They don’t have to be serious, just interesting to look at.

  • It’s not natural

    It’s not natural

    All nature is art. The un-natural is art. But only you can say whether art is art. (I don’t know where that came from – I don’t write like that naturally)

  • In Theory it’s Chaos

    In Theory it’s Chaos

    Again, playing around with space and simple lines. No real narrative. Just simple pleasing shapes and ideas. Art should be fun.

  • Scribble Scrabble

    Scribble Scrabble

    My son named this piece. We were sat drawing together and this illustration was the result. He told me what to draw and I did as I was told.

  • Aztec Angst

    Aztec Angst

    I love how ancient civilisations depicted the world around them and their beliefs. I loved their unusual eye for space and orientation.

  • It’s all kicking orf

    It’s all kicking orf

    I’m just playing around with how interesting you can make a black-n-white line drawing.

  • Peeg


    I’m starting a collection of human heads on animals bodies but in a surreal-kind-of-style. I don’t where this is going . . . .

  • WartDaFook


    When you let your mind, your hand and a pen connect without conscious thought, anything can happen.

  • Drum Lessons Doncaster

    Drum Lessons Doncaster

    I created this site for my drum tutor Erroll Rollins. It’s a landing page with seo. This gained first page of google status in 3 weeks. Very happy.

  • The T-shirt Monkey

    The T-shirt Monkey

    A full development of a popular T-shirt design and print website.

  • Monkeys in my head

    Monkeys in my head

    This is a personal blog site based around mental health issues and art therapy.

  • Rugbusters


    A site created for a local professional carpet cleaning company.

  • For Sale or Swap Site Redesign

    For Sale or Swap Site Redesign

    This was created to replace the existing older site design.

  • Danielle Gallagher MMA Logo

    Danielle Gallagher MMA Logo

    The logo was created for my friend Nelson Acosta for one of his top female MMA fighters.

  • Grand Opening Illustration

    Grand Opening Illustration

    This was created as a promotional flyer for an ice-cream parlour in the US.

  • Bouncer Bot

    Bouncer Bot

    An illustration created for an amazing service providing message / email  protection for dating sites.

  • Costa Coffee Painting

    Costa Coffee Painting

    This digital painting was created to raise money for the Cost Foundation. It was sold for £50. I am very pleased.

  • Young Minds Doodle

    Young Minds Doodle

    This illustration was created for a very worth while cause. Young Minds. The colours are the corporate colours.

  • A Walk in the Park

    A Walk in the Park

    This illustration was an attempt to change my doodle style to a more painted style.

  • Cambridge Angling Days Out

    Cambridge Angling Days Out

    Header design for Cambridge Angling Days Out website.

  • Hugs not drugs

    Hugs not drugs

    This was a design created for a T-shirt range based on a positive message of Do Not Do Drugs.

  • Thrifty Table Doodle

    Thrifty Table Doodle

    An illustration created for a very creative cookery blog. The recipes are generations old.

  • Galanga Thai Poster

    Galanga Thai Poster

    This luminous sign inspired design was created for a Thai restaurant in the US.

  • Bazooka Travel

    Bazooka Travel

    Sticker art for a universal travel adapter for Bazooka Travel.

  • Camper World USA

    Camper World USA

    This was a quick design concept created for Camper World USA. A very large camp facility in the heart of America.

  • Wipeboard Animations

    Wipeboard Animations

    An illustration created for a designer friend who creates wipe board animations for a living.

  • Resin Brand T-shirt Design

    Resin Brand T-shirt Design

    A typographical illustration for Brand Resin. One of many designs to be created over the coming months.

  • Handbook of an American Revolutionary

    Handbook of an American Revolutionary

    An illustration created for a play based in New York. I am pleased to say that it was a roaring success.

  • For Sale or Swap Facebook Header

    For Sale or Swap Facebook Header

    Foraleorswap.co.uk facebook header and new logo concept. Ready for their new site launch.

  • Pierce Anthony Spiritual Doodle B/W

    Pierce Anthony Spiritual Doodle B/W

    Created for a client based in the US. He is an artist who creates amazing sacred geometric designs. This is the BW version.

  • EPath Program

    EPath Program

    My logo design for a very good cause, the University of Detroit’s eating disorder charity.

  • Through the Phases Logo

    Through the Phases Logo

    This is a logo concept developed for a global charity in the US.

  • Form Bakery

    Form Bakery

    A typographical logo designed for an incredible web service which allows you to create drag and drop forms online.

  • 710Life Concept

    710Life Concept

    This design was created for a new client in the US. Simple gradient typographical design.

  • B.S.U.Y.R.I Creative

    B.S.U.Y.R.I Creative

    Design for the Bedford Stuy Unity Youth Resource Inc Social Media network.

  • Inked Sole Tattooed Sneaker

    Inked Sole Tattooed Sneaker

    This is the second in a series of illustrations for Inked Sole. For tattoo and sneaker lovers.

  • Italian Cheese Cartoon

    Italian Cheese Cartoon

    An illustration created for the Italian Cheese website.

  • Scottish Social Media Event

    Scottish Social Media Event

    A flyer design created for a social media event based in Glasgow, Scotland.

  • Sony Open Tennis 2014

    Sony Open Tennis 2014

    This was a design I did for an agency in New York for the 2014 Sony Open Tennis marketing campaign.

  • The Creative Brewing Project

    The Creative Brewing Project

    A logo design I created for new KickStarter project in San Diego, California.

  • Chastity Name Doodle

    Chastity Name Doodle

    This was created for a friends daughter. It was part of a three series illustration set.

  • Icecream Dream

    Icecream Dream

    A simple typographical design I created for Walls and Unilever.

  • The Engine

    The Engine

    A logo I created before the launch of an amazing social media service startup based in Seattle.

  • NappyGurl


    African American clothing brand design. One of many to be designed over the next few months.

  • Preposr


    Cool Trend Early Adopter Illustration

  • Love You

    Love You

    Vancouver Dating Site illustration

  • Fire Shield Services

    Fire Shield Services

    A typographical illustration design for a clients website.

  • Proclevity


    A student comedy night illustration

  • Crowdfynd


    Crowdfynd typographical illustration

  • Ink’d Soul

    Ink’d Soul

    A design for tattoo loves and sneaker lovers.

  • Eastons Message

    Eastons Message

    I designed this for a friends son who has problems reading.

  • Dissolve Flyer Design

    Dissolve Flyer Design

    This illustration was created for a nightclub flyer. Part of a series of illustrations to be created over the coming year.

  • Pierce Anthony Spiritual Doodle

    Pierce Anthony Spiritual Doodle

    Created for a client based in the US. He is an artist who creates amazing sacred geometric designs.

  • Shea Name Doodle

    Shea Name Doodle

    This was created for aTwitter friend for her Twitter profile pic and Facebook header. She is wanting an iphone design next.

  • Great Vegan Bake-Off

    Great Vegan Bake-Off

    This illustration was created for a flyer design for a national bake-off competition.

  • Zona Recreation Doodle

    Zona Recreation Doodle

    I created this for a friends website. The site is a homage to retro computer games reprogrammed for the web.

  • Camerons Birthday Name

    Camerons Birthday Name

    This was created for my Aunties friend’s son. He like jungles and animals so that’s what I drew.

  • Masstech Concept Illustration

    Masstech Concept Illustration

    an illustration created for an internet based new archiving company in Ontario, Canada